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LED Screen For Virtual Sets

Be bold with virtual sets. With the explosion of LED screen usage in filmmaking (think Star Wars’ ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney+), content creators like you can now realize your vision at a fraction of the cost. Our 12.5’ x 7’ Samsung LED HDR Screen with its 1.5mm pixel pitch gives you almost limitless possibilities to make your creative vision real.


Superior Picture Quality

True-to-life Picture Presentation

Clear, Accurate Picture Representation

Dynamic Peaking & Inverse Tone Mapping enhance content to optimum peak

Brightness levels with improved contrast and without shine

In-depth Color Mapping ensures an accurate expression of colors


Samsung IE015R LED HDR Technology Screen

1.5mm pixel pitch

Dimensions: 12.5’ x 7’

Analog Way MIDRA 4K Processor

Analog Way Dual Channel Video Server